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Travelers come from near and far to witness the modern and natural marvels that are waiting for them in Sedona, Arizona. Whether you love to hike the trails, dine on the delicious southwest fare or spend the day browsing specialty boutiques, it seems Sedona has a little something for everyone. But for all the innovative entertainment and excitement this city provides, it also hosts a rich past which is evidenced in the very stone that makes Sedona notorious in travel guides. Those with a passion for understanding the cultures and people of years long past will be thrilled with a trip through the Palatki Ruins Heritage Site.

Ancient Marvels at the Palatki Ruins

The Palatki ruins in Sedona lie northwest of central Sedona off of Forest Road 795 and are a stunning reminder of Sedona’s ancient past. The Palatki Ruins are a collection of incredible cliff dwellings that date back to civilizations that inhabited Red Rock country between 1150 and 1350 AD. Palatki translates to mean “red house” In the Hopi language and perfectly describes these dwellings’ vibrant rock facades. While the structures are amazing in their form, function and of course longevity, what makes this place even more inspiring is the ancient art that can be found etches into the stone walls. A visit here quickly reminds visitors that the past has a way of finding its role in the future and often the stories of those who came before live on through artistic legacy.

Visiting Information

The Palatki ruins in Sedona are open to the public seven days a week excluding major holidays and are quite easy to access. The ruins are currently under the management of the U.S. Forest Service and are categorized as part of the Red Rock Pass Program. Those looking for a more in-depth adventure will want to take advantage of the three major trails that surround this area taking visitors to the art caves, dwellings, and observation points. The Arizona Natural History Association hosts a bookstore and gift shop near the site which is a wonderful place to pick up a souvenir to remember your visit by before you go.

A Historical Stay in Sedona

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