Sedona Arizona UFO Tours

Calling all UFO hunters! Sedona has always had a reputation for being far-out, from energy vortexes to UFO sightings, and now you can try to see one for yourself! There’s plenty of local companies that offer a chance to glimpse an otherworldly aircraft, so whether you’re a true believer or just looking for a fun way to stargaze with the family, here are a few Sedona Arizona UFO tours you can embark on!

Sedona Vortex and Sedona UFO Tour

Bookings: 513-680-8810
This company offers a range of tours for experiencing Sedona’s mysterious side, with vortex and ghost tours thrown into the mix of their available offerings. Their 1-hour “UFO and Stargazing Tour” is one of the cheapest in the area at $88 per person, and you’ll follow your guide to their Sedona hotspot for UFO activity. The tour comes with a state-of-the-art military goggles that will allow you to see all the activity in the night sky, as well as thousands of stars that can’t be seen with the naked eye! As a bonus, kids under 14 are free but must share googles with an adult.

Center for the New Age UFO Tours

Bookings: 928-282-7220
This company runs a crystal shop by day and Sedona Arizona UFO tours by night! You can stop in to do some shopping and book your tour at the same time, or simply call the booking number provided. This tour also features military-grade night vision goggles and are certain you’ll have a sighting or two and offer a money back guarantee! Their UFO hotspot is also a vortex location, letting you experience a bit of that famous vortex energy along with your tour of the night sky. Kids 14 and under are also free on tours with this company! Regular prices begin at $80 per person.

Sedona UFO Tours

Bookings: 1-833-733-8367
This company offers one of the longest UFO tours available, at 1.5 hours! Your knowledgeable Sedona UFO tour guide will lead a fun and educational experience, and with military-grade night googles, you’ll be able to see everything in the night sky! With special group rates, this company is ideal if you have a large party for your UFO hunting endeavor. Rates run at $125 per person for 2-3 people, $115 per person for groups of 4+, and $100 per person for groups of 5+. Child tickets are only $47 per person!

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