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Maybe it has something to do with the vortexes and all the psychic energy that is floating around this special mountain village, but the people who live here are extremely talented. Whether they are native-born or not, artists who settle in this area turn out some of the most incredible work, and we have the galleries full of their works of art to prove it. If you’re looking for something to fill a certain spot in your home or are simply on the hunt for a new artist with so much talent you want to tell all your friends, your Sedona vacation promises to impress with examples of everything from photography to sculpture and modern or contemporary art. Keep reading for a list of must-see places!

Honshin Fine Art Gallery of Wholeness, Harmony & Radiance

The art found here doesn’t just please your eyes, it feeds your soul. Featuring a mix of origami, jewelry, sculpture, and paintings, the artists offer pieces representing wholeness, harmony and a chance to appreciate nature at its finest. Located inside Tlaquepaque, Honshin Fine Art Gallery represents all that is spiritual about Sedona. This is one of the best Sedona Art Galleries!

Rowe Fine Art Gallery

Southwestern art has a style all its own, and you will find the best of it here inside Rowe Fine Art Gallery. Featuring bronze sculptures that will awe you with their realism, paintings of the natural beauty that surrounds us in Sedona, and even jewelry fashioned in a Southwest style, if you’re looking for something that embodies the spirit and atmosphere of your Arizona vacation, this shop, also located inside Tlaquepaque, is the place to visit!

Renee Taylor Gallery

As stated earlier, the artists that settle here are a talented bunch, and the pieces you will find in the Renee Taylor Gallery promise to be yet another example of all that’s incredible about the Sedona art world. Dramatic pieces formed from metals, sculptures of bronze, paintings so real you will have difficulty determining if they are paintings or photography—all can be found inside Tlaquepaque.

Kuivato Glass Gallery

Sleek, colorful, and cool to the touch, if it involves glass, you will find it here in Kuivato Glass Gallery. Light sculptures that appear to change with the light or the angle you are looking at them, chandeliers that bathe your home in colorful and diffused light, bowls and platters that will bring a smile to your face, and jewelry so unique you will have trouble narrowing down your choices, this gallery, also located inside Tlaquepaque, is a can’t miss destination on your tour of Sedona galleries.

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