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See the amazing Grand Canyon

Just a few hours away from Sedona lies one of the 7 Wonders of the World: The Grand Canyon. Miles and miles of scenic red rocks rise up from the mighty Colorado River, creating a breathtaking vision of sheer beauty and majesty, a national park that harbors and protects creatures of all shapes and sizes, and offering an experience so wonderful, the memories will stay vivid in your mind for years to come. Being so close to this national treasure, it’s only natural that Sedona would offer a selection of tours to the Grand Canyon in a variety of different ways. Fly in a helicopter, ride a train, or be transported in a private SUV; it doesn’t matter how you get there, it only matters that you do it!

Grand Canyon Railway

Ride in the romantic style of yesteryear aboard the historic trains that are a part of the Grand Canyon Railway as you venture out of Sedona on your way to the Grand Canyon. Vintage Pullman Cars from the 1920’s, first class Observation Dome Cars from the 1950’s, and Luxury Parlor Cars from the 1940’s all offer a taste of class and luxury and a glimpse into the more genteel times of America’s history. For information on ticket prices and discount packages, visit the Grand Canyon Railway website.

Papillon Grand Canyon Helicopters

Prepare to have your breath taken away when you fly high above the Grand Canyon in a helicopter piloted by the most knowledgeable and experienced pilots in Arizona. Learn the history of Arizona’s greatest treasure as you experience a point of view of which your friends and family will surely be envious. For more information on the helicopter tours available, visit Papillon’s website.

Adventure Southwest

Sit back in the comfort of a private van and enjoy the sights of this majestic treasure without having to worry about parking, other cars, or missing out on something extra-special. Adventures Southwest handles the bad stuff while they drive you around the canyon, pointing out special spots as they teach you about the history of the canyon. Book your Grand Canyon tour today by visiting their website.

All About Grand Canyon Luxury Tour

Just because you are visiting the rugged wilderness that is the Grand Canyon doesn’t mean you have to bypass class and luxury. All About Grand Canyon’s Luxury Tour does the Grand Canyon the civilized way, complete with a Victorian picnic and custom touring vehicles designed for those who never settle for anything less than the best. Visit their website for more information on this sumptuous traveling experience.

Sedona Vacation Rentals

Book your luxurious Sedona Vacation Rentals home today and discover all that is special about Sedona and the Grand Canyon.

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