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Sedona Stargazing Tour

One of the biggest benefits to Sedona being so far north of Phoenix is the lack of big lights. Sedona and the surrounding communities truly appreciate being able to look up at the stars every night and gaze upon the beauty of the cosmos. You cannot find such experiences further south in Arizona. Here is how you can enjoy a Sedona stargazing tour experience:

When to Stargaze in Sedona

Sedona is perfect for stargazing at almost any time of the year. The only season of the year where it can be difficult to see clear skies is around July and August. Arizona gets hit by “monsoon season” every year during this time and with it comes big storms. While native Arizonans love the rain, it can make it difficult to look up at the stars. However, the remainder of the year is incredible, with Sedona being named one of the best stargazing destinations in the country.

Best Place to Star Gaze Near Sedona

Finding the right spot in Sedona will make it even easier to enjoy an evening of Sedona star gazing. Here are our favorite spots to enjoy:

Two Trees Observation Area

At the intersection of Forest Road 525A and Forest Road 761B just off State Highway 89A, you can find the Two Trees Observation Area. While the area may simply be a field, it is where the Sirius Lookers, Sedona’s own astronomy association, comes for their stargazing. You will be in good company; these stargazers know just what to look out for.

Jordan Trailhead Observation Area

The Sirius Lookers also frequent the Jordan Trailhead Observation Area. This trailhead is located at the end of the West Park Ridge Drive. This dirt road is easy enough to pass through by car and will take you to a large field where you can easily gaze upon the stars for hours.

Merry Go Round Rock

If you want to escape the few lights found around Sedona, make your way up to Merry Go Round Rock. This viewing area can be found around Schnebly Hill Road and is up in the mountains. Make sure to bring a flashlight to help you navigate your way to the viewing area. This is the best place to stargaze near Sedona!

More to View in Sedona

These incredible viewing areas will make it easy for you to see the amazing stars up in the sky. Come see why Sedona is a top stargazing destination when you reserve one of our vacation rentals in the area. Learn more about us today! Call us today. Book one of our Village of Oak Creek rentals now!

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