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Come experience the Vortex energy in Sedona

You’ve probably witnessed vortexes in your everyday life, but never realized it till now. The swirling water that goes down the drain of your bathtub when you pull the plug after a long hot and relaxing bath is a vortex. A dust devil, swirling its way across the desert landscape, picking up dust, rocks, and whatever else lies in its path is also a vortex. A whirlpool in a river is a vortex as well, but in Sedona, the swirling that represents a vortex does not involve air or water; it involves psychic energy, swirling inward to the earth’s core or outward along the earth’s plane, and is believed to have healing powers stronger than any doctor’s. Sedona is famed for being home to multiple vortexes, and where there are vortexes, there are vortex tours. Keep reading for a list of vortex tours designed to help you heal and find peace in a world where peace is hard to find.

Sedona Sacred Journeys

Learn how to find your inner peace or rebuild what was once so special in your marriage when you book a Sedona Sacred Journey’s Tour guaranteed to help you in ways you never knew were lacking. Lasting from one to several days, rediscover the special in your life and experience a journey along your spiritual path with healer and master teacher Gregory Drambour.

Sedona Soul Adventures

Bring happiness and peace to your soul on a journey to rediscovering you with Sedona Soul Adventures as you learn to love yourself in ways you never thought possible. SSA offers spiritual, couple’s, and spa retreats all guaranteed to refresh and renew the essential you. For more information, visit their website and discover what’s been missing in you!

Sedona Psychic Wisdom

Psychic readings aren’t the only thing Kavitaa, a well-known Sedona psychic, offers; she understands that to help people, you have to be able to treat the entire person, and that involves psychic vortex tours as well as a host of other psychic activities. The Sedona Vortex Tour and hike that she offers lasts about two and a half to three hours and costs between $95 to $225 depending on how many people are in your group. For more information, visit the Sedona Psychic Wisdom website.

Sedona Vacation Rentals

Book your luxurious Sedona Vacation Rentals property today and discover the mystical side of Sedona with one of many vortex tours available to you.

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