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Enjoy the Challenge of High-Altitude Tennis in Sedona

When you think of engaging your mind and body in outdoor recreation in a mountainous region like Sedona, Arizona, you may first picture sports like hiking, rock climbing, and mountain biking. Those sports are invigorating and exhilarating, but what you may not realize is that the high altitude in Sedona causes even the sports you play regularly, such as tennis, to become more challenging and exciting in this environment. A tennis match set against the breathtaking natural panorama of the red rock desert will Increase your fitness and your performance. Read on to learn more about where to go to play the best round of tennis in Sedona!

Sedona Tennis Courts

There are a number of public and private locations for playing tennis in Sedona, with both free and pay-to-play public courts and private courts with a cost. Below, we have put together a list of several places where you can play tennis against the scenic backdrop of Sedona’s desert mountains and sunny climate.

Posse Grounds Park

This public tennis facility has two high-quality tennis courts nestled amongst the rest of the park’s recreational sites. These courts are free and do not require a reservation. The only downside: the courts are not lit, so you’ll have to get your game before sunset, which can be challenging if you’re traveling here during the summer.

Sunset Park

Sunset Park is another public tennis facility that does not have a price for playing. Similarly to Posse Grounds Park, there are also two tennis courts here, which both do not have lights. Again, we recommend playing a round of tennis before sundown if you plan on playing here, as playing in the dark will be impossible.

Sedona Red Rock High School

This high school has six tennis courts that are all open to the public, so you can bring a large group of fellow tennis players to practice and have fun here. Unfortunately, these courts are not lit at night, so as with the previous two parks, you will have the best playing experience during the day.

Verde Valley School

Verde Valley School has two public tennis courts for the enjoyment of visitors. These courts have lighting, so you can come here for a night playing session with friends or family if you’re so inclined.

The Ridge Spa and Racquet Club

This private tennis facility includes three lit courts, meaning that you can play day or night—provided that you purchase a membership.

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