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The joy found in a winter vacation to Sedona should not be underestimated. Even if you are more excited about being able to drive to the grocery store to grab a gallon of milk without having to worry about slush and sleet than you are about a hike to the vortexes, you will still feel the magic of the season. Whether you are sleeping in late in our Sedona.Org vacation escapes, sitting out on the patios at sunset watching the setting sun fill the skies with fiery color, or soaking in a bubbling hot tub under the stars, watching the steam disappear into the velvety darkness as you stay cozy and warm, a visit to our red rock village is destined to be one that relaxes, recharges, and rejuvenates, especially when you choose our seasonal sanctuaries. There is so much more to do while you are here that, of course, you will want to go out and experience it all! This guide to the top winter things to do in Sedona in winter will ensure that every minute of your stay is filled with fun, magic, and excitement.

Horsin’ Around Adventures Sedona, 2650 Dancing Apache Road in Cornville

Take a step back into the days of the Wild West with a horse ride through the canyons and valleys of the Sedona area when you sign up for an adventure with Horsin’ Around Adventures. Offering trail rides through some of the most glorious landscapes in the world, you and your family can join in with the group or sign up for a private ride that can last as long as you like. Enjoy a wine bar and cowboy supper with their Classic Cowboy Group ride or REALLY go old school and become a cowboy for a day when you choose their Old West Cattle Drive package. Every adventure they offer is destined to be enhanced by the beauty of the red rocks that surround you and the wonders of near perfect winter weather!

Sedona Vortex Adventures, 75 Kallof Place in Sedona

If this is your first time visiting Sedona, you may not know about the vortexes that can be found here; you may not even know what a vortex is! The simple explanation is these are energy spots that vibrate with a magical power (Sensitive people may actually feel a tingling on their skin!) and are thought to be portals to the spirit worlds, both celestial and terrestrial, but Sedona Vortex Adventures can explain it better! Offering a variety of vortex tours, exciting adventures, and day packages that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and renewed, although this Sedona winter activity can be enjoyed any time of the year, the sheer perfection of a winter day in Sedona adds luster to your experience.

Red Rock State Park in Sedona

Not all adventures have to be guided ones, and a hike along the trails in Red Rock State Park is the perfect example! Slip into your most comfortable hiking boots, grab your water bottles, (We actually prefer a camelback hydration pack that allows us to keep our hands free to take pictures.) and be sure to slather on the sunscreen. Even in the coldest months of the year, the power of the sun’s rays remain strong, and nothing spoils a good vacation like a bad sunburn! The 5-mile-long trail system that runs through the park offers a fun time for even novice hikers and takes you from the cool forested areas of Oak Creek to the colorful and majestic red rocks that Sedona is known for, giving hikers an experience they will never forget.

Play in the Snow

Wait, what? You came all this way to get out of the snow and we are offering that as a winter adventure? Don’t worry, your stay in Sedona proper will more than likely be 100% flake free, but if you are feeling nostalgic and want to experience more typical winter adventures, Flagstaff and the Arizona Snowbowl ski resort is just a little over 35 miles away from your Sedona.Org seasonal sanctuary! Spend your day schussing down the slopes, sledding down hills with your littles, or enjoying the simple comforts of a hearty meal in the warmth of Josephine’s Modern Bistro, located at 503 N Humphreys Street. Offering roaring fires in the fireplace for extra warmth and a variety of small plates and seasonal entrees, your winter adventures in Flagstaff promise to resemble a made for television movie! The best part is after you have exhausted the children and filled your stomachs, you can head back to the comforts of our Sedona.Org winter vacation rentals!

So Many More Sedona Winter Activities

We could go on and on about the winter adventures waiting for you in idyllic Sedona. Reserve your favorite Sedona.Org winter rental today and discover all the things to do in Sedona in winter our red rock town has to offer!

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