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Check Out Our Guide for these Sedona Tours

A really great way to make sure you get a glimpse of everything unique about the Sedona area is to sign up for one of the many tours offered in our fair city. You probably wouldn’t want to fill every minute of your time with a tour, but a smart way to get to know the city is by signing up for a few tours that catch your eye, discovering what really interests you, and then going back afterward to rediscover it on your own. Sedona is a town rich in arts, culture, history, and magic, and no one knows more about all of the aforementioned than our friendly and knowledgeable tour guides. Keep reading for a list of a few of the more unique tours and the most popular Sedona tours.

Pink Jeep Tours

Don’t mistake the distinctive pink color of the Jeeps as a sign of something weak and delicate; the Pink Jeep Tours will take you deep into the rugged wilderness surrounding Sedona. Offering six different tours and a couple of hiking tours as well, prices range from $55 dollars for adults and $46.75 for children to $99 for adults and $84.15 for children, depending upon the type and length of the tour you take. With knowledgeable and friendly tour guides at the wheel, these tours are a terrific way to discover the history and charm of Sedona. For more information about the tours offered, visit their website at

Sedona Wine Tours

Napa Valley isn’t the only U.S. area rich in vineyards and wineries; the Sedona area is one rich in fertile soil perfect for harvesting the grape as well. Sedona Wine Tours offers the opportunity to visit up to four of the vineyards at a time, with tours ranging from five to seven hours long and costs ranging from $200 to $240 per person, depending on the tour you choose. Sample all you want and let someone else do the driving. Tasting fees are included in the price, as well as snacks and unlimited water. Hydration is important!

Sedona Vortex Retreats

A vortex is a magical area where energy is either entering the earth or exiting the earth’s plane, and Sedona is known as a town rich in vortexes and vortex energy. Sedona Vortex Retreats offers the opportunity to experience their magic and mystic powers with nine different tours. Prices start at $180 and rise from there, depending on the type and length of the tour for which you sign up.

Sedona Vacation Rentals

Book your luxury Sedona Vacation Rentals home today and prepare for the vacation of a lifetime as you tour and explore the magical and mystical city of Sedona. Click here to browse through our vacation homes!

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