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Vacations are a wonderful invention, helping us forget about the stresses and demands of real life, allowing us to rest and relax, and when you add a trip to the spa to your vacation itinerary, that vacation gets exponentially more wonderful. Sedona is known for its healing energy, and when you take the time to visit a day spa during your vacation here, you experience relaxation and feeling of well-being on a whole new level. Keep reading for a list of local day spas that offer you the opportunity to relax, refresh, and recharge in unbelievable ways.


The Namti Spa


“Where Affordability Meets Relaxation”

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Locally owned and operated in Sedona, Arizona since July 2000, NAMTI Day Spa offers a wide variety of high-quality services that will cater to whatever your spa needs or desires may be, and at affordable prices. Using a variety of styles and techniques that they’ve developed with their years of experience, our licensed and professional therapists are here to provide you with the best massage therapy, facial and acupuncture services you have experienced yet. If you’re thinking about bringing a group with you, NAMTI even offers special services for that. Some of these include Sedona Wedding spa services, spiritual retreats that include yoga and vortex hikes, as well as many other spa deals. At NAMTI, the best and most affordable professional spa services are offered, and for this reason (and many others), we have been fortunate enough to serve thousands of clients over the years. To find out for yourself why NAMTI is considered a Sedona favorite, call or visit our spa today!


The Spa at Sedona Rouge

This spa offers treatments with a Moroccan twist, helping you find your center in a tranquil location in the shade of Sedona’s majestic red rocks. Offering massage, couple’s treatments, and a program known as Wellness & Intuitive Discoveries, as well as so much more, this is the place to rediscover the spirituality that lies deep within you. Located at 2250 W. Highway 89A in Sedona, you can visit their website for more information.


A Spa for You Sedona Day Spa

Specializing in Japanese facial massage, A Spa for You features everything you have come to expect from a quality day spa, plus a little extra. Japanese facial massage not only relaxes and refreshes, but it’s also a natural way to prevent and repair the sagging and wrinkles that accompany aging. Located at 30 Kayenta Court #1 in Sedona, a visit here will have you returning home looking younger and feeling happier.


Amara Resort and Spa

Offering make-up consultations as well as the standard massage and body treatments, Amara treats the whole person, adding facials and foot and hand rituals to the list of treatments you can expect here. Located at 100 Amara Lane in downtown Sedona, your Sedona vacation would be incomplete if you miss out on this exciting spa.


Uptown Massage

Not wanting to dabble in a little bit of everything, but preferring to become an expert in one thing, Uptown Massage is the spot to visit when suffering from aches and pains attributed to vacationing too hard. Specializing in reflexology, massage (they even offer pregnancy massage to help make mom feel pampered and pain-free), and other hands-on treatments guaranteed to restore your body back to factory default—meaning pain-free and rejuvenated—this is the place to go when you need to recover! Located at 452 Jordan Road in Sedona, packages start at $90 a person.


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