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Sedona, Arizona is famous for its striking, rust-hued red rocks, cliffs, and mountains above all else. People from all over the world just to see the stunning landscape for themselves—particularly so at Red Rock State Park, where there is a focus on environmental education and passive recreation that allows visitors to immerse themselves in the beauty of this unbelievable natural panorama, created from the iron-rich rocks as they rust into the desert, without disturbing its delicate ecosystem.

First opened and dedicated on October 19, 1991, Red Rock State Park was acquired as a means of preserving the Oak Creek Canyon area, for public enjoyment for years to come. The property had passed through several owners since the 1940s, including an alternative religious group named Eckankar, which had confronted Governor Bruce Babbitt in the fall of 1980 while he was hiking with friends in the area and requested that the group leave the property. This action inspired Governor Babbitt’s concern for Oak Creek and its accessibility to the public and led to the development of Red Rock State Park.

Since then, Red Rock State Park has remained dedicated to preserving the environment. Interactive exhibits are on display in the visitor center that detail the variety of habitats that exist within the park, while different guided events and shows give visitors the opportunity to see animals and park sights up close without causing damage. Read on to learn more about other activities that you can do during your visit to Red Rock State Park!

Things to Do and Places to See

Special events include shows that highlight park animals, full moon hikes, stargazing, bird walks, and nature hikes. For visitors who like the self-guided approach, there are picnic areas for relaxing in the park with a meal, opportunities for wildlife sightings from javelina to bobcats, and trails for hiking, biking, and horseback riding.

A five-mile network of interconnecting loops of hiking trails leads you through the winding, lush forests of Oak Creek and a multitude of red rock vistas. Eagle’s Nest Loop, which contains the park’s highest elevation of three hundred feet, joins the Apache Fire Loop and Coyote Ridge Trail. Kisva Trail connects these three major loops along the riparian (river) corridor and also leads to Yavapai Ridge Trail. Finally, Javelina Trail takes visitors through woodlands of juniper and pinyon trees to link back up with other loops.

These hiking trails only allow horses and bikes on designated routes, such as Lime Kiln Trail (which actually runs all the way to Dead Horse Ranch State Park) and Cathedral Bike Loop—a 6.2-mile route that takes you out of the park, across Oak Creek, and back. An important note: you don’t need a Red Rock Pass to park and enjoy the sights!

Hours: 9:00am – 4:30pm Daily
Price Range: $4 – $7
Children Ages 6 and Under Are Free


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