Vultee Arch

Hiking is one of the main forms of our interaction with nature. This is especially true in the wilderness of Sedona. The people of Sedona have done a tremendous job of ensuring the natural landscape is at the core of the town’s community. As a result, any development has been monitored so that it is seamlessly integrated with natural beauty that is so important to so many people. Hundreds of miles of well-kept trails are the result of the area’s passion for experiencing this amazing place. The Vultee Arch in Sedona is one of the most amazing features you can find in the area and it is accessible through the Vultee Arch Trail.

About the Vultee Arch Trail

The trail follows Sterling Canyon and the dry stream bed at the bottom. For about 2 miles, hikers weave through canyons enjoying rich wildlife, plants, and trees. Much of the trail is coved within high canyon walls, but there are stretches that offer panoramic views of some impressive red rock formations in the distance. These are the perfect places for those water breaks. Much of the value in the hike is found at the end when visitors can see the Vultee Arch. This is a natural bridge stretching over the dry stream bed about 50 feet overhead. It is one of the most interesting and unique spectacles that you will encounter in Sedona.

Take Advantage of the Opportunity

The reasons for taking advantage of this amazing Vultee Arch Trail in Sedona are pretty simple and relatively intuitive. Anyone who has gone out into the wilderness could likely tell you of the tranquility and healing power that comes with it. This is especially true in the wilderness of Sedona, especially the areas that this trail weaves in and out. This trail in particular is perfect for all kinds of people because it is a relatively easy hike. What the trail lacks in required exertion, it makes up for with amazing aesthetic beauty. And as soon as you embark from the trailhead, you are immersed in undeveloped wilderness offering a unique feeling of solace and tranquility.

You can find the trail about 12 miles to the west of the city of Sedona, so you can be sure that this hike will provide the peace and quiet that you are looking for. This is an amazing trail that offers many of the different types of beauty of Sedona all in one experience. Make sure you make this trail a part of your hiking plans the next time you are in the area!