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Sedona, Arizona often tops the list of amazing places for hikers to take to the trails in the U.S. The rugged and inspiring landscape complete with desert wildlife, towering rock formations and captivating colors makes it the perfect place for expert outdoor enthusiast as well as those that are new to the sport to get out and explore. Whether you’re here for fun or looking for the next challenge to push your hiking abilities to their limits, Sedona is packed full of potential trails. Hikers looking for a challenging trail that delivers up incredible views as well as a strategy for staying out of the sun for extended periods will want to make West Fork Oak Creek Trail their number one destination to hit.

Stunning Heights and Shade

What makes West Fork Oak Creek Trail in Sedona so special is the fact that hikers have the chance to follow the creek through a canyon that is cut 1,000-feet into the ground. This makes for an extraordinary trek where towering canyon walls guide your way through lush foliage that lines the creek bed. The best trail access point is at Call O’ Canyon which lies approximately 9.5 miles north of central Sedona between milepost 384 and 385 where parking is readily available.

When you’re ready to hit the trail, you’ll be met with seven miles of adventurous fun. The balanced combination of high canyon walls and trees makes this trail one of the coolest, even in the dead of summer as direct sunlight is nearly always blocked overhead. The trail is mostly sand-covered, and hikers enjoy an elevation gain of just over 400 feet. Reaching the end of this trail is made obvious as the canyon walls come together leaving nothing but rushing water before you and indicating it’s time to head back the way you came. West Fork Oak Creek Trail not only makes for a scenic and shade-filled hike but one that gives hikers ample opportunities for stunning photos along the way as well.

Hike the West Fork Old Creek Trail and Stay in Sedona

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