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As you begin to plan your vacation to magical Sedona, you may be asking yourself what time of year is the best time to visit our fair city. That’s a fair question, one that we have put a considerable amount of time and thought into. Keep reading to learn about the various seasons and what we think is the perfect time of year!


Cool days and cold nights create a festive and welcoming ambiance in our mountain village. Whether you are walking through the streets of the town, exploring the shops and restaurants filled with unique treasures and tasty treats, or are hiking the red rocks seeking out vortexes and fresh air, Sedona in the winter will charm you. Tourist traffic is light, so you may feel the town belongs to you. The Christmas season brings with it the Red Rock Fantasy Festival of Lights and other festive Christmas ceremonies, including a Christmas themed train ride. Decorated in her finest red and green accessories, Sedona at Christmas—or in the winter in general—is the best time of year to visit.


The days are warming up, the trees starting to show buds, and colorful flowers are pushing up through the red dirt of Sedona, creating a picture so beautiful the tourists start crowding our fair streets; spring is our busiest time of year and for good reason. Blues skies with the sun shining (but not too brightly) invite you outside to participate in our jeep tours, our vortex tours, or just a long hike in the red rocks of Sedona. Nights are still chilly, but that’s what fireplaces are for—keeping you warm while you cuddle close to the one you love most. Spring is about beginnings, and we are beginning to think that Spring is the best time of year to visit.


Summer is when Sedona fully comes to life with warm (but not HOT) daytime temperatures and chilly nights that allow you to forget the heat of summer, if only for a few hours. The trees are fully foliaged with bright green leaves contrasting beautifully against the warm red of the rocks surrounding the town. The icy waters of Slide Rock National Park create a fun play place and a great way to cool down on those days when Sedona reaches higher temps. Nighttime concert series take advantage of pleasant weather, creating warm memories for everyone who has the opportunity to partake. Now that we think about it, Summer is actually the best time of year to visit Sedona.


As the summer gradually fades away and fall moves into the picture, the atmosphere of Sedona starts to change with the temperature. The leaves on the tree change from bright green to gold to red, creating a fiery scene that complements the red of Bell Rock. Fall is the time for old-fashioned hayrides, pick it yourself Apple adventures, and pumpkin spiced EVERYTHING. Cooler nights offer the opportunity to wear those fall clothes you packed and have been waiting since the beginning of August to wear! The fireplace in your Sedona Vacation Rentals home is now not just a charming accessory, but can actually be used to take the chill out of the air. It’s becoming quite obvious that Fall in Sedona is CLEARLY the best time of year to visit.

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So as you can see, the best time of year to visit our fair city is anytime at all! Book your rustic Sedona Vacation Rentals home today and start planning your visit for the time of year that suits you best! Book one of our villa rentals today. We offer a vast selection of properties, including isolated rentals which offer peace and serenity.

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