The magic of Sedona is something that everyone should experience at least once in their lives and if you have been looking for something special to do over Valentine’s Day, a holiday journey to Arizona and a stay in our Sedona.Org vacation escapes may be just the thing. Offering sunny days, exciting adventures, and cozy love nests that will be most appreciated in the dark depths of winter, this guide to the top reasons to spend Valentine’s Day in Sedona will help you fill all the minutes of your stay!

The Sun Always Shines in Sedona

On average, the sun shines 278 out of every 365 days, and for couples flying in from colder and darker places, the only thing brighter will be the sparkle in your Valentine’s eyes! The temperatures may still be cool in the winter months, tiptoeing into the 60s, but as the sun shines down on your Sedona adventures, it will be impossible not to feel warm and happy. Dress in layers for any hikes you may take, as mornings may be cold and the heat of the sun vanishes quickly when it drops behind the red rocks. Some mornings you may wake up to a dusting of snow, but as in every Hallmark movie, the snowfall is gentle and romantic, and will melt before the sun sets again.

A Hike Is More Than Just a Hike

The couple that hikes together, stays together, and during your Valentine’s Day in Sedona, you will soon discover that a hike is more than a hike when the red rocks are in the backdrop. Energy vortexes are rare in the world, occurring when a buildup of spiritual energy takes place and our red rock town comes in second behind Stonehenge as being the most powerful in the world. The major vortexes can be found along four beautiful trails, Cathedral and Bell Rock, Boynton Canyon, and Airport Mesa, all four trails offering stunning views that you will never forget. The Chapel of the Holy Cross is also rumored to be a vortex, but that spiritual energy may just be residual from the prayers and energy released by worshippers at the church on the site.

The Wine Tastes Better On Valentine’s Day in Sedona

You and your valentine are about to discover that Napa Valley has something to worry about. The Verde Valley Wine Trail runs through Sedona, with a variety of wineries selling delicious Arizona wine, and as you sit in front of the floor to ceiling windows that reveal a panoramic view of the red rocks and the landscape they are planted in at Winery 1912, 320 AZ-89A #3, your romance will take on a starring role in your holiday celebrations.

A Foodie’s Paradise

Valentine’s Day wouldn’t be the same without a romantic meal, and the restaurants of Sedona are eager to offer dining experiences that you will never forget. Share secrets and dreams over an Italian feast at the Hideaway House, where views of Oak Creek and the canyon below will change your life or stick with the traditional favorites served at Tii Gavo; their truffle guacamole will spoil you against anyone else’s guacamole forevermore. Cress on Oak Creek offers outdoor dining and candlelit meals, accompanied by the babbling music of Oak Creek meandering its way through town.

The Views from Above

If you think Sedona is lovely from the ground, just wait until you are viewing it from the basket attached to colorful balloons flying above the magical landscape. Hot air balloon tours are perhaps the most romantic way to enjoy a tour of the town and Northern Light Balloon Expeditions is one of our favorite ballooning company. Offering sunrise flights that are followed by champagne breakfasts in celebration of your exciting adventure, the pictures you take as you fly high above the red rocks will be the ones you can’t wait to hang on your walls.

Our Sedona.Org Love Nests

Of all the reasons you should spend Valentine’s Day 2024 in Sedona, perhaps the best reason will be staying in our Sedona.Org love nests. Offering comfort, warmth, and quiet luxuries that make travel all that much better, your love story will add a comfortable new chapter when you reside within. Hot tubs under the stars beg to be enjoyed with a glass of Arizona wine, fully equipped kitchens give young lovers the opportunity to stay in for the night and prepare the foods they love best, and in many of our properties, a romantic evening spent cuddling together in front of a roaring fire will bring yet another element of magic to your Arizona Valentine’s Day vacation. Contact us and Reserve your favorite Sedona.Org holiday hideaway today and discover all the reasons that February 14th should always be spent in the shadows of the red rocks!