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If you are looking for great places to buy real estate in Sedona, you may have stumbled across the Chapel Sedona area or the little Horse Park area. It is in one of the prettiest and most secluded areas of town. If you are thinking about renting that property to vacationers, you’ll find it is one of the most sought-after places for tourists to stay.

If you already own property here, you may have thought of turning your home or homes into a short-term rental for vacationers. You may have thought that you do not have the time or the know-how to manage a short-term rental property. Fortunately, Sedona.Org can manage your property for you. Our team of vacation rental professionals can ensure you that your guests will have an amazing stay when they visit your property. You can rest assured that your property will be maintained when you hire us and that we will always be ready to answer your call seven days a week.


The Advantage of a Short-Term Rental

If you have owned rental property for a while, you are probably already aware of the drawbacks of a long-term lease. If a tenant is always late with their rent, there is little you can do about it outside of charging late fees.

If you have a non-payer, it can take a minimum of a month to evict someone in the state of Arizona. If they leave their belongings in your rental, it may take longer than that and you may even have to hire a lawyer.

Irresponsible tenants will often create maintenance problems or failed to report plumbing in other issues. This can cause permanent damage or destruction to your property. You may not discover these problems until after they have moved out and it may be hard for you to track them down and get them to pay for the damage they have caused.

When you rent out your property short-term, the tenant agrees to stay in the home only for the time they have paid for. They are far less likely to destroy anything if they are only there for a week or several months. The majority of people that stay at vacation rentals have permanent homes so they cannot skip out on money that they owe you if a problem should arise.


Why You Should Trust Us to Manage Your Property

Sedona.Org can offer you the ultimate property management Sedona AZ experience. Most of our team members have lived in the area all their life and know exactly what people are looking for in a Sedona vacation. We will be able to handle the marketing and maintenance of your property as well as acting as a concierge service to your guests.


Advertising Your Property

Our professional-looking easy-to-use website is the perfect place to list your home. We will put professionally taken photographs of the abode on our site along with a list of property features and full descriptions of each amenity.

We have advertisements on the internet to entice people to our site. People who frequent Sedona think of our website as the go-to place to discover events and tourist attractions in the area. We have a stellar reputation for providing excellent service. When your home appears on our website, people will know that it will be clean, safe, and comfortable.


Inspecting and Cleaning Your Chapel Sedona Property

The internet has turned everyone into a critic. If a person walks into a dirty rental property, they may Yelp about it, Tweet about it, and put it on their Facebook page. Online reviews can greatly influence the success of any business. When you hire us for property management in Sedona AZ, you can be sure that tenants will always arrive at a clean apartment that has been inspected for problems. We perform our inspections between every tenant, and we can provide maid service so your tenants will walk into a clean apartment home with fresh sheets and towels waiting for them.


We Provide Maintenance

No matter how new your property is or how high-quality it is, there are certain to be some maintenance issues. A toilet may back up or there may be a leak in the pipes. If you are considering managing things on your own, you may want to consider whether or not you have the proper skills to handle most maintenance issues. You will also want to consider how much a plumber will cost in an emergency. We have maintenance experts at the ready to assist your guests if they have a problem with plumbing, heating, or any other amenities in the apartment home. We have customer service representatives standing by seven days a week, ready to take calls from both you and your guests.

Real estate is a great investment and vacation rentals are among the most lucrative. We would love to manage your property for you. Give us a call so we can get started!

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