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Do you own property that you are not using in the Village of Oak Creek in Sedona? A property in this gorgeous community should not go to waste. If you are currently renting out your Sedona home, Sedona.Org would love to manage it for you. Our team of vacation specialists can advertise your property, make sure that it is sparkling clean, and take care of anything that your guests may need.


Why You Should Hire a Property Manager

The haunting beauty of Sedona is enjoyed by many tourists every year, and vacation rental properties are in high demand. People looking for a place to stay will want to find accommodations that are tastefully appointed and big enough for their whole family. They are sure to want a nice view and full concierge services. You should be able to offer the best services to stay competitive.

If you manage your own property, you are basically taking on several new careers. One of your new jobs will be to get people to your property. You could take out expensive advertisements on the internet or you could go through a home-sharing service. It takes an astute knowledge of internet advertising to know where to place your ads. If you are advertising a home in a specific community, you may have to get the permission of the condo association to approve your advertisement. If you go through a home-sharing service, you will be in competition with many different properties. Some of those properties will have professionally taken photos. You will get to check off all of the amenities you offer, but you won’t get to describe them in detail. The fantastic features of your Village of Oak Creek Sedona home may go unnoticed.

Sedona.Org can offer you a professionally designed website that will show your potential client a gallery of professionally taken photos of your home. Our copywriters will describe all the fabulous details of your condo. We are a professional vacation rental management company that knows how to get traffic to our site. Whenever someone is looking for the perfect Sedona vacation, they will see your property in full color with a full description of all its amazing amenities.


We Can Ensure Your Guests Have a Great Time

If you have tried to rent your property out yourself, your guest may have asked you so many questions about things to do in the area that you felt like a tour guide. Our team is staffed with people who have lived in the area for a long time. We can tell your guests all the best places to see and things to do. We can recommend everything from the best place to go hiking to the best spiritual shaman to read a person’s aura. We can also recommend, tour guides, restaurants, and event caterers.


We Promise a Sparkling Abode

If you are currently managing your own vacation rental property, you know what a pain it can be to have to run home in the middle of the day to clean the bathroom, wash the sheets and towels and make the bed.

When you entrust your property to us, a member of our cleaning service will get your property into tip-top condition for your next guest. We operate seven days a week and we will make sure that no one who stays at your property will have anything to complain about.


We Provide 24-Hour Maintenance

Are you a licensed plumber or carpentry expert? Do you own a professional set of tools? If you don’t have a Village of Oak Creek Sedona management company, you will have to figure out a way to get repairs done in a hurry when they are needed. The condo association may provide some plumbing services, but they will fix them on their schedule and not yours. You want your guest to be perfectly comfortable in your home. Sedona.Org can offer your guest the expediency they deserve when it comes to repairs. Your guests will never have to wait for very long when you trust us to manage your rental home. We will have a licensed plumber to fix any emergencies you may have with the pipes right away. We can also provide a locksmith and general maintenance services.


We Will Deal with Unruly Guests in Your Village of Oak Creek Property

Sedona is known for its calm zen vibe and genteel citizenry. Unfortunately, every once in a while, a guest may become over-exuberant or they might violate the noise rules of your community. If this happens, we can ensure you that we will have a member of the community’s security team talk to the guest. If the bad behavior continues, we can also handle the unpleasant task of getting the guest to leave.

Sedona is one of the most breathtakingly beautiful places in the U.S. and your guests deserve to be treated like royalty when they are here. When you hire Sedona.Org to manage your property, you will rest easy knowing that your guests are in the best of hands. Give us a call today.

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