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Those who love to get out and get into the beauty and intrigue of nature are sure to fall in love with the landscape, adventure and fun waiting for them during a trip to Sedona, Arizona. This jewel of a city in the heart of the American Southwest has long been a dynamic destination that travelers set their sights upon in hopes of encountering staggering and unforgettable views and vistas. While it’s fun to look at all Sedona has to offer from afar, there’s something special about getting out and hitting the trails for a closer look. And, though Sedona is packed with hiking trails great for exploring, Broken Arrow Trail has earned its reputation as one of the best and most beautiful in the entire state.


A Challenge Worth the Trek

Broken Arrow Trail is a loop that extends just over 3-miles and provides a challenging yet thrilling experience for hikers of all ages and abilities. It’s possible to hit this trail on foot or by vehicle and many do both as Broken Arrow Trail provides breathtaking views of red rocks, canyons and more. Sitting at 413 feet in elevation, Broken Arrow Trail is popular for mountain bikers as well, and those hiking with dogs are more than welcome as long as canines remain leashed for the entire journey. Those traveling by vehicle will want to be sure to take note of signs that indicate pull-over points.

This heavily trafficked trail can get congested during mid-afternoon hours and making the most of designated stopping points is a great way to keep traffic flowing while still having options for amazing photographs and time to simply stand back and observe the beauty that surrounds you.

Prepare to Be Thrilled

While Broken Arrow Sedona Trail is marked as a moderately difficult route, those taking to the path by vehicle will certainly find an adrenaline-pumping moment when they come across what is commonly referred to as “The Steps.” This steep incline on the trail is best approached with an SUV that includes high ground clearance for traversing the terrain in the smoothest manner possible. While it may be a bit choppy, this trail is well-loved and highly popular for good reason. The challenges are worth the effort when you come across some of the most beautiful views imaginable. It should be noted that those looking to park their vehicle and hike will need to acquire a Red Rocks Pass beforehand at Coconino National Forest.

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