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Sedona is one of the most unique and beautiful places in all of the southwestern United States. Between the immense canyons, red rocks, and lush forests, there is so much to love about this place. One of the best ways to take advantage of the one-of-a-kind aesthetics of the area is through hiking. Throughout Sedona, you can find hundreds upon hundreds of miles of hiking trails, through which, you can experience the very best of what the area has to offer. One trail that offers an unforgettable experience is Munds Wagon Trail in Sedona AZ.

The Trail

A long time ago, this trail was the main highway between Sedona and Flagstaff. Through this path, wagons used to traverse the wild landscape for which Sedona has become so loved by so many. It has been many years since a wagon, or any vehicle for that matter, has traversed through Munds Wagon Trail, but it is still a great place to take a walk and enjoy the wonders of the area as you can nowhere else. In total, the hike is 8 miles there and back. It is a hike of moderate difficulty, with a couple of stretches that require a good deal of effort and experience. One of the great things about this trail is it intersects with numerous other trails, so you can always experience something new.

How to Take Advantage

Taking advantage of the trail is not just about taking a great stroll; it is largely about what you will be able to see while you are strolling. You will be able to get up close and personal with some of Sedona’s most amazing features and rock formations. The “Cow Pies” are some of the most prominent that you will get to experience on this hike. These spectacles are dome-shaped formations consisting of sedimentary rock. You can find the trailhead just to the east of Highway 179 about a mile south of the 89A. In taking advantage of this wonderful path that has been laid out for you, you will experience gentle streams and towering canyons.

When it comes to hiking in Sedona, you cannot go wrong, regardless of the trail that you decide to explore. But one thing is for sure: Munds Wagon Trail in Sedona is one of the best ways to experience the incredible beauty of the area. Try to make Munds Wagon Trail a part of your next trip to the red rocks of Sedona.

Additional Sedona Activities

Pick up any needed hiking gear at one of Sedona’s outdoor outfitters, such as the nearby Hike House. Packs, water bottles and hydration packs, hiking socks and boots, hiking clothing, and tools are a few of the many types of high-quality gear they have on offer. The knowledgeable staff there also makes sure you are prepared for your upcoming hike, offering up a hiking safety checklist. The Hike House also offers a high-definition interactive database of all of the Sedona trails and trail data in their Sedona Trail Finder. By entering in your hiking abilities and desires for your hike, the Sedona Trail Finder filters through Sedona’s hundreds of trails to find those that would be a good fit based on the criteria you entered. Reading through trail descriptions and refining your criteria results in a unique customized trail planner for each hiker or group! Stop by Hike House to get preview of the Munds Wagon Trail as well as get some ideas for your next hiking adventures around Sedona!

After your hike, continue enjoying Sedona’s great outdoors by fueling up at a restaurant that offers outdoor seating with views. The nearby SaltRock Kitchen features a sweeping patio complete with water features, twinkling lights, and dramatic red-rock ridges forming the backdrop. Southwest staples with a creative spin prepared with fresh ingredients from Arizona’s Verde Valley put forth a variety of delicious options that will have you refueled and ready for another adventure! Order a plate of carnitas tacos and relax over glasses of margaritas!

Visitors who want to experience the beauty that going off-road has to offer but prefer more speed and less physical exertion can consider exploring the Sedona wilderness via a Jeep® tour. In downtown Sedona there are several Jeep® tour companies that offer exciting four-wheeled excursion into Sedona’s picturesque scenery. Companies such as Pink Adventure Tours even offer rides for more confident drivers that are truly off-road, straying from dirt roads and taking you right onto Sedona’s iconic red rocks. These tours offer a great option for getting out into Sedona’s panoramic scenery, where juniper trees and red-rock formations create a picture-perfect landscape! Sheer cliffs, bumpy trails and twisting paths morph into the day’s playground as you explore the wild wilderness of Sedona!

Accommodations for Your Sedona Adventure

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