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Sedona is a place of great beauty. This beauty manifests itself in many forms, from the incredible wilderness to the amazing history. The history is often overshadowed by the massive canyons of red rock, but there is a rich story to be told here. The Sedona Heritage Museum strives to safeguard the story of the amazing history of this one of a kind place. It is a story that makes the enjoyment of the beauty here even richer.

About the Sedona Heritage Museum

While the natural processes that manufactured the canyons of red rocks that we enjoy in Sedona began about 350 million years ago, the Sedona Heritage Museum focuses on the recent history of the area dating back to 1876. This history begins with T.C. Schnebly and his wife, Sedona Miller, who were instrumental in establishing the area as a town with its own post office. From then on, the town enjoyed expansion from an agricultural center to a one of a kind tourist attraction, all while maintaining its amazing natural beauty. The museum chronicles this amazing journey. There are countless people who have fallen in love with this area, but there are few who know about the people and cultures who made it what it is today. Familiarizing people with this story is the mission of this amazing museum.

Sedona Heritage Museum

You can find this 5-acre oasis in uptown Sedona. The museum itself is centered around a Sedona home from the early 20th century. Visitors can see what a home in the young Sedona looked like, along with a tractor shed, fruit packing shed, and a couple more structures. But still, much of the beauty lies within the wilderness of the property. In exploring the Sedona Heritage Museum, you get a sense of the narratives of the people who first made this place home. Throughout the year, there are countless exhibits, stories, and experiences that outline what life was like in this beautiful place. The museum library does a particularly good job of bringing people back to an earlier time among the red rocks. And if you have children in your group, then they will especially enjoy some of the museum’s historical activities.

The Sedona Heritage Museum offers an experience beyond what you see when you come here. You get to experience the town and its surroundings through a completely different lens than you would otherwise be oblivious to. Make sure that you experience this side of the area, the next time you visit Sedona.

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