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Sedona has become many people’s favorite place to visit for a wide variety of reasons. Firstly, the wilderness here is as incredible as you will find anywhere. The red rocks and canyons have become famous, but the culture and energy of the town is something that captivates many people as well. Sycamore Canyon in Sedona is one of the greatest testaments to the natural beauty in the area. Spending a day in the canyon will provide one of the most relaxing and blissful days possible.

About Sycamore Canyon Sedona

Sycamore Canyon is the type of place that makes you feel as though it were put there just for you. The seclusion of the area is one of the things that visitors love most about it. If it weren’t for the Grand Canyon, this would be the largest canyon in all of Arizona. This massive area is full of incredible aesthetic beauty and different ways to spend a fruitful day in nature. Across over 56,000 acres, you will encounter things that you could not previously fathom. As the canyon is largely uninhabited by humans, visitors can enjoy amazing diversity in wildlife. You can experience an incredible array of bird species, fish, and even mountain lions and black bears. Visiting Sycamore Canyon is the way to fully understand and soak up its beauty.

How to Take Advantage

If you are looking for a secluded paradise, then Sycamore Canyon in Sedona is the place for you. You will not find paved roads; no established campgrounds; no buildings and no civilization. You will simply find some of the most beautiful wilderness in the country, boasting massive canyons, winding creeks and endless green. Once you enter this oasis, there are countless ways to take advantage of its beauty. You will find over 11 miles over trails ranging from easy strolls to strenuous treks. Along these trails, you will encounter dense forest, gentle streams, and secluded pools. Other great activities include fishing, horseback riding, rock climbing, bird watching, swimming and of course, camping.

The beauty of this place, is you do not need to do a specific activity to have an amazing time that you will not soon forget. The canyon is visually captivating enough that simply sitting and taking it all in is enjoyable in and of itself. Make sure a visit to the amazing Sycamore Canyon AZ as a part of your agenda the next time you visit the endless beauty of Sedona.

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