Hop On the Wonderful Red Rock Magic Trolley

Sedona is an Amazing Place to Visit

But, there is just so much to see and experience that it can be difficult to take advantage of every opportunity that you have while here. That is why there are many companies that provide tours and unique Sedona experiences so you can get the most out of your stay. One of the best experiences that you can have exploring the town and surrounding beauty is through the Red Rock Magic Trolley.


About the Trolley

These magic trolley tours of Sedona take you to some of the areas most notable features within 55 to 85 minutes. As they have been doing this for years and years, they have perfected their tour so you see the most striking places in the town in a short amount of time. Since there is so much to see in Sedona, the magic trolley tours offer 3 different options. The first option takes you along Highway 179 and focuses on the Chapel of the Holy Cross. The Boynton Canyon tour gives visitors a unique perspective on this beautiful area and how it influenced Native American culture, western movies and more. The Bell Rock tour is the final tour and it focuses more on some of Sedona’s most prominent rock formations. These include Cathedral Rock, Mermaid Rock, and more.


Why Choose This Tour

Step aboard one of these charming trolleys for a day experiencing Sedona as you can nowhere else. This is not simply a casual stroll through Sedona. During a magic trolley ride, the enthusiastic and knowledgeable tour guides take you on a journey featuring natural beauty, culture, and some of the most famous sights. One of the great things about these tours is they do one of each of them, 7 days a week. You can also schedule a private tour for your group! The tours take off from the city center, so it is quick and convenient. Many people have encountered the problem of having so much to see and do in Sedona and simply not having the time to do it. With the Magic Trolley tours in Sedona, you get to see much of what you want and many things that you did not even know you wanted to see, all within the span of about an hour. This leaves you with a great experience, and the entire rest of your day! Make sure you check out these amazing Magic Trolley tours during your next visit!

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