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We offer the finest accommodations in Sedona, because this magical place is an adventure destination our team members visit frequently. On our visits, we ensure the unique inns and amenity-rich hotels we represent offer personality, location, privacy, views, great food, spa and wellness experiences, adventure tours, comfort, and friends. Sedona hotels are very different from accommodations in other cities. There is a natural beauty to each property, echoing the stunning beauty outside. Guests enjoy their stays because the accommodations are spacious, the service is impeccable, the amenities are lush, and the people are warm and generous. We believe your accommodations will be just as special as Sedona itself!

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Why Sedona?

Sedona is full of fantastic natural beauty, making it a popular vacation spot for hikers, photographers, adventurists, nature enthusiasts, bird watchers, families, cyclists, those seeking spiritual healing, and artists looking to be inspired. Built into the ridges of red rock, the town boasts otherworldly landscapes which capture imaginations. The roads and pathways move with the land to bring spectacular vistas on every turn.

Sedona is sporadically forested, with different elevations of flora and fauna enshrouding the town’s civic, business and residential neighborhoods. The entire area is bordered by the Kaibab National Forest and the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest, and has elevations as low as 3100 and as high as 7300 feet above sea level. The majestic formations show off their ribbons of red rock and limestone, and own names that are both ceremonial and comical: Cathedral Rock, The Courthouse, Coffeepot Rock, and Snoopy, to name a few. The spreading sea of conifer trees only increases the area’s breathtaking scenery throughout the canyons and near the creeks. The climate is fantastic too—a higher elevation, typically 4300 feet, protects Sedona from Arizona’s notorious heat while still giving it all of Arizona’s coveted sunshine.

Sedona enjoys both a small-town feel and an urban mix of shopping, dining, and events, with everything offered in an American city. Sedona has frequent festivals for those who enjoy music, art, animals, running, film and food. The town is also very pedestrian- and bike-friendly, and offers visitors plenty of opportunities to experience it by foot, jeep, rail, car, helicopter, plane or zip line. Sedona is also becoming a world class restaurant scene with five 5-star restaurants. Catering to its huge variety of annual visitors, the town offers spas, golf courses, shopping, and wellness.

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