Our Pet Friendly Vacation Rentals in Sedona

Pets are Family

It’s common for rental companies to include the condition: No Pets. We, however, recognize pets as part of the family, every bit as welcome as a spouse, parents, kids, or friends. Happy experiences frequently include the wagging tails of our furry friends, and we’re all about bringing you a happy experience. Besides, vacation is about escaping work! We don’t want you to jump through the hassle of finding a pet-sitter or paying for boarding, especially when you’d rather take your pet with you in the first place. Bring your pet along instead, and they can enjoy a vacation with you!


Your Sedona Destination Specialists

Maybe you found this page already looking for pet-friendly options, but you’re unsure about renting for the first time with your pet. If your pet could talk, they’d ask for a Sedona.org property! Many of our hotels and cabins afford you with all the comforts of home, and often with additional amenities you don’t have yourself; your pet will enjoy the experience just as much as you! With our rentals, your companion will enjoy room to roam, easy outdoor access, and more space for supplies you might want to bring, including pet beds, food/water dishes, and anything else you may need to keep your furry friend comfortable.


Pet-Friendly Sedona

You’re in Sedona to enjoy yourself; why not bring the pets along? We’re not just talking about the lodging anymore! There are several pet-friendly activities to enjoy in Sedona. The city caters to our furry companions with a dog park and a specialty bakery for dogs and cats. The Dog Park is in the eastern part of West Sedona, so it’s easy to get to from anywhere in the city. The bakery, called Whisker’s Barkery, not only features edible delights, but also clothing and toys so your pet can enjoy a souvenir. Sedona is also popular hiking country, and plenty of canines are happy to join their owners on their excursions. There’s no shortage of trails to choose from, so whether you want a peaceful meander with your toy breed or wish to conquer rugged terrain with your Great Dane, you can find the perfect hike to enjoy with your pet. If you enjoy exploring, but not on foot, there are several touring companies that also advertise themselves as pet-friendly. Pets can ride along with you at Red Rock Adventure Tours. A Day in the West Jeep Tours welcome lap dogs for free, and larger dogs can board with a child’s ticket. Or try the charm of Magic Trolley tours, which also accepts dogs on board. Why leave your favorite non-human at home? Rent with us, bring your pet along, and they can have a good time, too!