Beautiful Sedona Cabin Rentals

Great Cabin Rentals

For many people, cabin rentals exemplify the traditional vacation experience. Cabins are a great way to get a little closer to nature; they offer a rustic charm that can be quite captivating, and a cabin will make you feel right at home in Sedona. That’s not to say cabins can’t be luxurious, though. Our fantastic cabin rentals in Sedona offer premiere amenities and great locations throughout the area, letting you truly customize your experience to match your desires.


Sedona Cabins

The cabins around Sedona are spread throughout the area, allowing you to choose the location that most closely matches your personal needs. Some of them are near major routes such as Highway 179 and Highway 89A, just far enough from the beaten path to be secluded, while still offering easy access to the shopping and dining scene. The richness of the forest makes it a popular vacation spot for people, with the tall trees offering shade from Arizona’s continuous sun. Other cabins sit right next to the the beautiful red cliffs that Sedona is famous for, making a perfect vacation spot for those interested in this aspect of the area. While still up north, Sedona’s elevation means it doesn’t get as cold as Flagstaff, making its cabins more attractive for late fall and early spring.


Cabin Living in Beautiful Sedona

The Sedona area is celebrated the world over for its unique landscape, but why enjoy it from a cabin? Cabins offer a great romantic getaway for couples who are looking for time just to themselves. They’re also exciting for kids, offering a very different experience from their routine. As mentioned, the scenery is gorgeous. Take a journey down picturesque State Route 89A as it winds through the Village of Oak Creek, then into Sedona proper. Surrounded by the famous red rock, a variety of local shops and restaurants, and a variety of incredible hiking trails, it’s easy to see why Sedona is considered one of the most beautiful towns you’ll ever visit! Even better, when you stay in our cabins, you also get the chance to become one with nature – in addition to being as close to the red rock cliff walls and hiking trails as possible! With some of our cabins no more than 3 feet from a cliff wall, and 100 feet from some of the area’s top hiking trails, our cabins make experiencing the naturistic beauty of Sedona easier than ever before. Trust us; whether you plan on hitting the Cathedral Rock trailhead to take in the sights at the famous Cathedral Rock, or you want to check out all the amazing shops and restaurants town has to offer – don’t miss out on Oak Creek Brewery – you can’t go wrong with our amazing Sedona Cabins!


Our Cabins

Cabins are meant to provide escapes from life, not punishment in exile from modern luxuries. We only rent out cabins that will make you feel right at home, including basic amenities such as heating, plumbing, and more depending on the property. Most cabins offer porches so you can sit and enjoy the weather with a nap or a good book, and grills are also common and popular. Wi-Fi is available in many cabins as well, ensuring that you can stay connected no matter how far from home you are—if you want to be, that is! Browse our cabin offerings today and see which one best suits your needs.