Chances are you have heard about the town of Sedona and its red rocks, and there is even a chance that at one point in your life you have even considered a vacation in red rock country. We are one of the top vacation destinations in the world, offering breathtaking scenery and a quirky vibe that combines otherworldly mystique and rustic Western charm, but you may not have known that we are a great family vacation spot as well. Today, we at Sedona.Org would like to provide a more complete picture of our hometown, exploring everything that makes a Sedona vacation the vacation destination that could quite possibly change the way you look at vacations forevermore.

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Kids Love Us

One of the most difficult things about vacations is trying to find something that your children will love to do. What interests your toddler, for instance, can bore your tween, and embarrass your teens, but Sedona is different. Sedona and the small towns that surround our beautiful red rock community offer an appeal that is appreciated by travelers of all ages, ensuring that everyone will find something that makes them thrilled your family chose Sedona for this vacation experience. The Science Vortex, located at 301 N Willard Street Room 202 in Cottonwood, for example, is a children’s museum offering a variety of interactive exhibits that will excite toddlers and tweens and don’t be surprised, if you happen to have a too cool teen in your life that they will find the experiments and exhibits mildly interesting as well.

Something for the Entire Family

Of course, the Science Vortex, while appealing and fascinating, is not exactly something that will make parents’ hearts skip a beat, but there are things that the entire family will enjoy during their Sedona journey. Slide Rock State Park offers a unique experience for summer visitors: the opportunity to frolic in the frosty waters of Oak Creek while sliding down a waterslide that is 100% natural. No human intervention was needed to create the slippery red rock surface of this waterslide, bringing cooling relief and fun adventures to travelers of all ages. Pack a picnic you made yourself in our fully equipped kitchens or stop by Indian Gardens Café & Market, 3951 N State Route 89A, and grab takeout to enjoy at any of the 15 open-air picnic areas found in the park.

A Tour of Tastes

The best vacations are the ones filled with the flavor of the region we are exploring, and Sedona is known to be a foodie paradise. Offering an authentic taste of the Southwest, travelers can enjoy the Mexican dishes served at the Javelina Cantina, 671 AZ-179, and if you are staying in one of our pet friendly escapes, bring your sweet pooch along for the meal, as this local restaurant isn’t just family friendly, it is pet friendly on the patio as well. Not all vacations are family ones, and if this getaway is a romantic one, couples love the laidback vibe and haute cuisine options found at Elote, 350 Jordan Road. Named after a popular Mexican street food, celeb chef and owner travels south of the border on a regular basis, seeking classic recipes that he can add his own distinctive twist to, and yes, we recommend that you do try the namesake appetizer, elote. And because there is no greater pleasure than a delicious breakfast prepared, served, and cleared away by someone else, we suggest that you add HP Café to your vacation meal bucket list. Located at 269 N State Route 89A and offering a flavorful blend of Mexican and American classics, this sweet café will provide the perfect beginning to a beautiful Arizona day.

Experience the Wild West on Your Terms

Long gone are the days of dirt roads, stagecoach transportation, and streets lined with loosely tied horses attached to hitching posts, but the echoes of those wild and wooly times can still be heard if you listen closely. Sedona was once a movie town, serving as an ideal location for filming Westerns, and between 1923 and 1995, about 50 movies were filmed in red rock country. Make a game out of figuring out which movie was filmed where while you are out and about, and if you don’t remember the movies, plan a movie night binge of Sedona-filmed movies and then start your game the next day. If you want to enjoy an Old West experience, however, Blazin’ M Ranch, found at 1875 Mabery Ranch Road in Cottonwood, offers chuckwagon dinners and shows, a Western town, and mechanical bull riding, taking guests on a wild ride back to the days when cowboys were the good guys and shootouts in the streets were a common occurrence.

An Artist Community

The most beautiful places in the world attract the most talented artists, and a Sedona vacation is no exception. You can’t walk far without witnessing the results of their creative genius, with art galleries appearing far more frequently than fast food restaurants appear in most towns all over the nation. Exposures International Gallery of Fine Art, 561 State Route 179, is Sedona’s largest and most unusual gallery, exhibiting the work of over 100 artists in a gallery that stretches out over 20,000 square feet in size. Zonies Galleria, 215 AZ-89A, has been a Sedona tradition for over 30 years, providing shoppers with the opportunity to pick up a piece of the Southwest to enjoy in their own homes; their décor pieces range from petite to extra grande, so you are sure to find something sized just right to fit in your carryon. And if you don’t want to gallivant all over town, Tlaquepaque Arts & Crafts Village, 336 AZ-179, is a walled artists’ “commune” filled with shops exhibiting the best works of a huge selection of local artists.

Outdoor Adventures

Sedona experiences nearly 300 days of sunshine every year, and although summers can get a bit warm, we never reach the temps you may have heard that our southern cities often reach, enabling visitors and locals to get outside and play as often as they like. Open air jeep tours are popular, allowing tourists to enjoy a taste of the red rocks, learning the spots they want to return to and explore more in depth. Hiking is popular in Sedona and the best trails lead hikers to the most popular red rock formations, including Cathedral Rock, Bell Rock, and Devil’s Bridge. Mountain biking is a thrilling adventure, and if you want to test your skills before hitting the mountain biking trails that traverse the area, Sedona Bike Skills Park, 525 Posse Ground Road, is the perfect place to do so. Fishing in Oak Creek and golfing at world class courses are more outdoor adventures you can enjoy during your unforgettable Arizona vacation in our favorite place on earth.

Our Rich History

While Arizona is a relative newcomer to the United States—we were admitted into the union on February 14 in 1912—our history dates back thousands of years, with the Sinagua people once making this region their home. Evidence of the life they led is apparent all around us, and their cliff dwellings can be viewed in a variety of places, including the Palataki Heritage Site (located closer to Flagstaff), Montezuma Castle National Monument (located in Camp Verde, about 30 minutes outside of Sedona), and our hometown fave, the Honanki Heritage Site, found right here in Sedona. The Honanki Heritage Site, 11450 N Loy Butte Road, showcases the sandstone cliff dwellings these ancient people lived in while also providing a peek into their art in the form of rock art drawings and is an amazing example of the strength and fortitude of the Sinagua while also making us wonder why they disappeared from the landscape as quickly as they appeared. Honanki and Palataki feature the largest cliff dwellings in the area, but all three sites are worthy of visiting.

Mystical Charms

If you have done any research in anticipation of your Sedona journey, you have probably read more than a few articles on the vortexes that can be found here, but do you really know what a vortex is? They are described as “swirling centers of energy” that can help us tap into our hidden selves, aiding in meditation, healing, and self-exploration, and when you visit these sites, you may discover that the energy brings you peace and inspiration to be the better you. It’s not just the red rocks that offer mystical charms, however, as the shops that line the streets of Sedona reflect the magic that surrounds us and can provide psychic readings, crystals that resolve your issues, and healing in ways you never knew you needed. Shops like The Twisted Alchemist (235 N State Route 89A unit 3), Peace Place Gifts & Reiki Center Sedona (355 Jordan Road), and Sacred Elements of Sedona (1456 AZ-179) all offer an interesting peek into the metaphysical world.

The Sedona Landscape

Honestly, we could have used a lot less words to convince you of all the reasons Sedona should be your next vacation destination just by providing you with the three words you see here: the Sedona landscape. Offering magic, color, and a beauty that you just can’t find anywhere else in the world, it is almost impossible to ignore the call of the red rocks. Jutting out of the landscape, the names we call them—Cathedral Rock, Bell Rock, Coffee Pot, etc.—come from the form they take, and yes, Coffee Pot Rock does resemble an oversized adobe-hued coffee pot, and when you see them for the first time, you will know. This part of Arizona, unlike the arid deserts south of us, is all about color, and the reds of the rocks will seem richer, the green of the trees more verdant, and the blue of our skies will shine bright, bringing joy to all who are lucky enough to be witness the colors that are a feast for the eyes. And because the words we use here can’t paint a complete picture, we encourage you to come check it out for yourself.

The Sanctuaries of Sedona.Org

If you have followed us long enough, you may have noticed that we tend to toss out words like sanctuary and haven to describe our vacation rentals, but there really is no better way to describe them. Walking in for the first time, our guests feel welcomed and at home, and when they catch their first sight of the walls of windows and the views that lie just outside, they also fall madly and passionately in love. Our furnishings will be soft and plush, our modern amenities will be state of the art and a joy to use, and the entertainment options will be plentiful, but it’s those views that will cement the beginning of a love affair with Sedona that we know will last a lifetime. That doesn’t mean, however, that we won’t continue to extoll the virtues of our serene and luxurious escapes, partly because we are so proud and partly because they are designed to be an integral part of your Sedona vacation experience. Located all over Sedona and in the surrounding communities of Cottonwood and Cornville, the list of amenities included will ensure that every moment of your time “at home” will be filled with comfort, fun, and luxury.

Did We Convince You?

Our vacation time is very important to our health and wellbeing, and we at Sedona.Org understand the importance of the rentals we offer. We love our hometown and can’t imagine living anywhere else, and as such, we consider ourselves lucky that we can share it with people from all over the world, hopefully also sharing many reasons as to why Sedona is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the nation. Reserve your favorite escape today and plan to be amazed. This is one place you have to see to believe!

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