Summer is just around the corner, and we all know what that means: It is time to start planning our summer vacations! It also brings to mind all the things you need to do to prepare for that trip, including choosing your accommodations. During the “dark ages” of vacationing, (days that weren’t all that long ago) it meant visiting travel agencies and hoping that the hotels they recommended matched the glossy brochures they handed us with such enthusiasm. Today, we may do all our searching via the internet, and it isn’t hotels we are searching for—or is it? If you are still making the choice of hotel over vacation rental and your summer getaway is going to be a magical one in Sedona, we at Sedona.Org have created this guide to all the reasons our vacation rentals are so much better than Sedona hotel rooms.

Comfortable and Relaxing

If you have said it once, you may have said it a dozen times or more, but the phrase, “It is just a place to rest my head,” should be permanently banned from your vocabulary! Your entire vacation experience begins and ends at the doorstep of your vacation escape, and if the hours you spend resting and recuperating aren’t comfortable, you will feel the difference. Our beds are designed with the perfect amount of bounce, our sofas and chairs invite you to sink into their depths and forget that your feet are exhausted from all the walking you have been doing, and when you realize that you deserve this comfort, you will never accept anything less ever again!

Stylish and Luxurious Alternatives to Sedona Hotel Rooms

Ok, many high-end hotels can be stylish and even luxurious, but when you experience the magic of a Sedona.Org sanctuary, you will recognize the difference. Designed to make families feel at home, the style won’t make you feel as if you are living in a museum. Prop your feet up on the coffee table, snuggle under that colorful throw, and as you peer around at your surroundings, perhaps feeling envy that the vibrant painting over the fireplace isn’t yours, understand that while our art is not for sale, much of it has been purchased right here in Sedona, and you will probably be able to find something similar (if not exactly the same) during your shopping expeditions.

All the Amenities

Yes, we will agree that many hotels have stepped up their amenity game, offering more than a questionably sanitary pool and hot tub on their premises, but even with their upgrades, they really can’t compare to our Sedona havens of fun and comfort. Standalone homes with large backyards may provide private pools, hot tubs, and the occasional putting green as well as firepits or fireplaces that will be most appreciated on chilly nights. Game rooms, theater rooms, and televisions in the living rooms and all the bedrooms allow the fun to continue inside our homes, and yes, many offer fireplaces for extra warmth and romance. Wine chillers for the wines you purchase during your exploration of the Verde Valley Wine Trail and all the small appliances, including coffee makers, blenders, and toasters, will give you the opportunity to snack and sip well without leaving the boundaries of the abode you chose.

The Space Makes All the Difference

If you have ever shared a single hotel room with parents, siblings, and maybe the family pet, you will appreciate the difference a condo or standalone home makes. Being forced to share a bed with your baby sister who has just graduated from diapers to training pants is a form of torture that should not be forced upon anyone, and when four or more people are sharing a single bathroom, no one is surprised when World War III breaks out amongst the not-so-happy travelers! Every space we offer is designed to give you the space you need to retreat to when the kids are too kid-like, the spouse is being way too spouse-y, and the world seems to be closing in all around you. Head to the master bath, lock the door, and fill a deep tub with hot water made fragrant by the oils you have added, stream your favorite soothing music, and lose yourself in the magic of the book you are reading. You could do this in a hotel room, for sure, but how much would you be inconveniencing the rest of your traveling party?

And Then, There’s the Money You Can Save

Vacations can be costly, and even though a hotel room may be cheaper by the night, when you factor in the costs of being forced to eat out for every meal, we think you will definitely see the light! Our fully equipped kitchens are furnished with gourmet appliances, helping to bring the joy back to your cooking experiences. Reserve your favorite escape today!