As we are coming out the other side of some very difficult times, there are a few things we have learned that will help our world regain the normalcy we recently lost. We learned we can work from home and be just as productive without pants, that children really do need the socialization they receive at school, and perhaps most important of all, we discovered that supporting local businesses is the best way to regain our economic strength! And even as you are enjoying a fabulous vacation in Sedona while staying in one of our Sedona.Org sanctuaries, you can still get out there and do your part for the economy by supporting the local businesses we have listed below! Life is better when jobs are filled and paychecks are regular and if you can help out a little by doing a little shopping or dining out while on vacation, it may just change someone’s life when you visit these Sedona businesses!


Kachina House, 2920 Hopi Drive

History comes alive in Sedona, and much of the art styles of its earliest residents still resonates with visitors from all over the world, making Kachina House one of our more popular art galleries. Offering pieces created by Native American artists that are unlike anything you can get at your local department store, not only will you be helping with the economy when you shop from here, you will be supporting an art style that has lasted for centuries and continue the cultural influence today’s artists share with the world.


The Melting Point, 1449 W State Route 89A

Souvenir shopping is a big deal on vacation and you will have plenty of opportunities to shop local while doing so, but we can promise you that the souvenir you bring home will mean more when you make it yourself at the Melting Point! This local glass shop sells art created by local artists, but more importantly, it offers beginners classes that lets visitors create colorful pieces of glass—flowers, paper weights, and even a cactus, plus much more. Perhaps it will be the start of a new hobby or maybe it will just be another fabulous memory you make in Sedona, but your time at the Melting Point will be greatly appreciated!


Body Bliss Factory Direct, 320 N State Route 89A Suite Q

The beauty of Sedona is accompanied by a dry and arid climate, and it takes a lot of work to keep our skin feeling soft and looking young, so we can seriously appreciate the potions and lotions offered by this local business! And because soft skin is popular everywhere, stopping by during your shopping expeditions will help you share the gift with your family back home. If you decide to extend your visit to Body Bliss Factory Direct by making an appointment for an aromatherapy massage or foot treatment, even better! The staff of this cozy shop truly knows their way around the massage table, and you will come out feeling like a new person.


Support Sedona Businesses Sedona with Heritage Museum, 735 Jordan Road

You may not think of a museum as a local business, but the Sedona Heritage Museum will change your mind! Owned by locals and hiring local people for staff, the history of our red rock town is laid out in extraordinary fashion, including the buildings that house the exhibits. This is where you can see what was once a railroad depot in Winona, Arizona, but was moved to Sedona to be used as a set for many of the western movies filmed here. The Sedona Heritage Museum is a caretaker of Sedona’s memories (per their motto!) but it is also a local business that could use your support!


Elote Café, 350 Jordan Road

Nobody wants to eat at a restaurant they can visit in their hometown while on vacation, especially when the restaurants of Sedona are so flavorful and tasty, starting with Elote Café! The owner and chef of this upscale eatery located in the shadow of the red rocks was born and raised in Arizona and takes his cues for meals from our neighbors to the South! Named after a favorite Mexican street food, Elote promises to bring your culinary adventures to the next level of wonderful!



You may not have realized it, but the vacation home you choose to make your own during your Sedona adventures is a locally owned business as well! The homes can be found in and around Sedona, and our staff are lucky enough to live and work here year-round! Offering luxurious sanctuaries you will never want to leave, your Arizona vacation will shine even brighter when you come home to us every night of your stay. Reserve your favorite home grown home today and relax, recharge, and refresh in the magical town of Sedona! Contact us today!