We talk about the magic of Sedona often, and when we do, we are generally speaking about the power of the red rocks and the vortexes hidden within, but there is a certain time of year when the magic sparkles brighter and involves more ordinary events. During the time frame of the holidays, when all of Sedona is decked out in its most festive décor, the strength of our red rock town’s magic grows exponentially, making it the most idyllic time of year to consider a vacation journey to our doorstep! Cooler at night, but rarely truly cold and if snow does happen, it will be just enough to dust those red rocks with a sparkly shimmer and will be melted by noon, ensuring that you won’t have to tromp around in the wet and muck of a snowy day. Spend your days exploring holiday-related activities, many of which we will be listing here, and when your arms are overladen with gifts and your feet can handle walking another step, coming home to our Sedona.Org holiday hideaways will provide even more ways to feel festive and cheerful. Our ultimate guide to the holidays in Sedona will help put you in the spirit a little sooner than normal!

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Ready, Set, GO for Christmas!

The celebration of Christmas seems to begin earlier every year, and even as your stores may be offering a Happy HalloThanksChristmas shopping adventure in October, this tour of the holidays in Sedona will begin with your Thanksgiving events! Many of the local restaurants will be open for Thanksgiving, giving our Sedona.Org guests something to really be thankful for as they can enjoy a delicious feast prepared, served, and cleared away by someone other than themselves! If you don’t want to spend your holiday cooking and cleaning, be sure to check out the Thanksgiving menu offered by Rene at Tlaquepaque, offering a French accent to your typical American feast or fly closer to the clouds with an equally delicious meal at the Mesa Grill, located at the Sedona Airport. Offering a downhome flair to a turkey dinner with all the fixin’s, you may just feel like you have stepped inside your southern grandmother’s home in Georgia! The only question being, “Will their Christmas decorations be up yet?” We vote yes, but as normal, only time will tell! In any case, almost before you devour the last crumbs of pumpkin pie, the coffee at the side of your plate may be replaced with eggnog and it will be, at last, time to turn on the Christmas magic.

Black Friday Fun

As the retail world tries to show its appreciation for their employees by NOT opening for Black Friday events at midnight after Thanksgiving, you won’t mind skipping the tradition as you sit “at home” exploring the comforts offered by our Sedona.Org holiday havens! Starting the day out with the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade marching across the screen of state-of-the-art televisions, intertwining refreshing naps with more watching of television as your favorite football teams duke it out where Snoopy was just flying over earlier, and ending the night with leftovers from your meal at the restaurants listed above, or by enjoying the dishes you did take the time to prepare. All of these activities will help create a Black Friday experience you may want to make a new tradition; Cyber Monday is just a couple of days away, who needs to fight the crowds with visits to brick and mortar stores anyway?

Twinkle, Twinkle, Christmas Lights!

As you cross off the days that lead up to Christmas, one of your favorite ways of getting in the spirit may be taking part in tree lighting ceremonies and just because you are traveling, doesn’t mean you have to skip the tradition! Every year, the wonderful arts village of Tlaquepaque helps us all feel cheerful and excited, offering a traditional tree lighting ceremony at the beginning of December, and because less is never more at Christmas, approximately a week later the village offers its traditional lighting of 6000 luminaria takes place. In Hispanic culture, the lighting of the luminaria is meant to represent a way of lighting the path that Mary and Joseph took all those centuries ago and by lighting 6000 of them, the night will bright indeed! Also offering refreshments, entertainment, and a visit from the jolliest old elf himself, the magic is strong at this holiday event, and if you manage to squeeze in a little Christmas shopping in between cider drinking and carol singing, all the better. Of course, the Christmas lights won’t be limited to the shops and businesses in Tlaquepaque this holiday season and if you really want to up the spirit levels, visit the uptown area of Sedona and see how the businesses here outdo themselves! And finally, local neighborhoods will add a little pop, sparkle, and shine to the homes that dot their street, so go ahead, take a detour one evening and fall in love with Christmas all over again!

Verde Canyon Railroad Christmas Train

Starting the day after Thanksgiving and ending on Christmas Eve, the most magical journey of all can be taken aboard the Verde Canyon Railroad Christmas Train! Heading to the North Pole from the Clarkdale Depot, the one-hour trip will help you rediscover the magic of believing, as you travel with kids in their jammies, drinking hot chocolate, singing Christmas carols, and meeting Santa himself for pictures and more, this night of your life will create a memory you will never want to forget! Luminarias and Christmas lights decorate the depot and the opportunity to meet Flurry the bald eagle, the subject of a Christmas tale being told during the journey, will take the night into the stratosphere of perfection!

Sedona Farmers Market, Sundays

When you arrive in town for the first time you will realize there is no end to your shopping opportunities as the landscape is crammed full of shops and boutiques all decked out for the holidays and eager to provide the gifts you seek but be sure to check out the Sedona Community Farmers Market, located in the Wells Fargo Parking Lot and open on Sundays. Always offering something wonderful and tasty, at the holidays their focus turns to Christmas, becoming a fantastic place to pick up homemade treats and crafty gifts for those you love the most!

Straight Out of a Hallmark Movie

There is something about an outdoor ice skating rink at Christmas time that makes you think about the smell of pine trees, the shine of lights, and the warmth of a new romance and Enchantment Resort provides an outdoor rink that combines all of the above! Also providing Dicken’s Carolers, Storytime with Mrs. Claus, and a variety of other Christmas activities that you can enjoy while staying in our Sedona.Org escapes, your celebrations will be jolly, and your kids will not judge you for choosing to travel during the holidays in Sedona!

And All the Adventures in Between

However you spend your days and evenings during your Sedona Christmas journey, coming home to the peace, quiet, and rich comforts of our holiday escapes will offer adventures of the most wonderful kind. Reserve your favorite Sedona sanctuary today!

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