There’s a special kind of joy found in the spring in Sedona, a magic that reflects the mystic qualities of our red rock town, and when you plan a spring escape to Arizona, we can promise that every minute of your stay will be filled with wonder, especially when you choose Sedona.Org for your seasonal sanctuary. As we enter the waning months of winter, you may be wishing for warmth and sunny days and adventures that make you happy to be alive, and all that can be found right here in our hometown. Because you can never have to much wonderful, we have created this guide to the top spring events in Sedona, helping you fill every moment with fun and excitement.

Sedona Yoga Festival, April 14-17, Sedona Performing Arts Center

If downward facing dog, tree pose, and happy baby pose are words that mean something to you, we know you will appreciate all that is offered by the Sedona Yoga Festival, a three-day event that is making its 10th visit to Sedona this year. Offering classes, workshops, and performances that will make you marvel at the flexibility of the yogis who don’t just take classes on a regular basis, they truly live the yoga lifestyle. Tickets cost $289 for the entire three days.

Piano on the Rocks International Festival, April 26-28, 3511 Verde Valley School Road

This free event provides a serenity that your soul will appreciate and as you listen to the stories told by man and the 88 keys, we think you will find yourself wanting to come back for every day of the festival. Featuring the top pianists from all over the world, admission is free but donations are welcome.

Sedona Community Farmers Market, Sundays in the Fargo Bank Parking Lot

Farmers markets have a history that dates back to the ancient Egyptians thousands of years ago, and when something survives for that long, you know there is a reason behind it. Nothing compares to a casual stroll through a local farmers market, examining the fresh produce, sampling sweet handmade baked goods, and exploring the artistic endeavors of local vendors and artists, and our Sedona Community Farmers Market, while not offering a 5000-year-long history, should definitely be added to your itinerary. Open on Sundays from 11 AM until 3 PM, the last farmers market before summer takes place on April 28.

Free to Be Me Drum Circle, May 18, Pavilion at Posse Grounds Park

This next event costs nothing and is destined to free the souls of all who participate. The Free to Be Me Drum Circle takes a page from the book of many beach towns, offering drums to all who are interested (to be used at the drum circle only) and providing a family-friendly experience that is also budget friendly, costing nothing, even if you borrow their drums! Release your inner musician and learn the skills your parents probably tried to keep you from learning as a child; the drum circle begins at noon and ends at 2 PM.

Dance Around the World, May 19, Pavilion at Posse Grounds Park

The Sedona Dance Academy presents this international dance showcase, taking the audience on a graceful tour of the dance styles of a variety of countries. Talented and entertaining, the beauty of dance in the shadows of the red rocks can never be overrated, and with ticket prices ranging from $5 to $10, it is a budget friendly activity that will enhance the beauty of your stay in Sedona.

Spring Events in Sedona on Memorial Day Weekend, May 24-27

This spring holiday serves as the kickoff to summer, and although there aren’t going to be any organized activities on this wonderful weekend, there will be plenty to do and explore. Swim at Slide Rock, eat an all-American breakfast at HP Café, or simply hike to any of the vortexes, letting their magic feed the need you never knew existed. As our country pays homage to all those who sacrificed everything for our freedoms, you can be celebrating, relaxing, and discovering the beauty of summer a full month before it occurs!

The Family Barbecue

The most memorable events may be the ones that take place in the comfort of your Sedona.Org Spring Break escape, and we are happy to be able to provide the homes that will feel like home. Plan a family barbecue, lounging poolside as the scent of hotdogs and hamburgers grilling waft through the air. April showers will bring more than May flowers, providing the opportunity for guests to binge watch movies on state-of-the-art televisions or participate in marathon board game sessions at our dining room tables built for families. Every minute of your spring vacation will be filled with fun and frolic when you choose to come home to Sedona.Org every night of your stay. Reserve your favorite today!