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Scale the Cliffs and the Flagstaff Mountain

Explore the picturesque desert Flagstaff mountain area around Sedona, Oak Creek, and Flagstaff from a perspective unlike any other: from a cable and handholds on their rocky, rust-hued cliff sides and peaks!

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran looking for a climbing partner or you’ve never climbed before, there are a number of local rock climbing guide services available for the adventurous visitor. Read on to find out more about where you can go and what you can do with the help of a guide!

Rock Climbing Guides and Pricing

We’ve compiled a list below of a couple of different companies that provide guide services around Sedona and Flagstaff, from learning courses to guided expeditions.

Flagstaff Climbing

Between its climbing gyms, shop, courses, and guides, Flagstaff Climbing is a great pick for climbers of all skill levels. Here, you can buy the right gear, practice in the climbing gym, take a climbing course from experienced climbers, and hire a guide for yourself or up to six people for a full day or a half-day. Prices are broken down below:

Full Day

• One Person: $225
• Two People: $180 per person
• Three to Six People: $135 per person

Half Day

• One Person: $160
• Two People: $125 per person
• Three to Six People: $100 per person


Climb Sedona with the veteran climbers at CenterFocus, where each guide has a minimum of ten years of experience in the sport. They also offer full-day climbing routes of all types of difficulties and heights, for all comfort and skill levels, seven days per week. Groups of four or more people may qualify for a discount. Prices and additional information are as follows:

Full Day

Price includes guide payment, transportation, equipment, taxes, fees, drinks, and snacks.

• $235 per person

Reward Yourself for a Hard Climb with Rest and Relaxation

Sooth your sore muscles after a hard day’s climb or hike by treating yourself to a massage at one of Sedona’s unpretentious spas. Sedona’s New Day Spa offers full body massages, including deep tissue, that will ease the soreness from your muscles. A hot stone massage with smooth, hot riverbed stones is also a popular option. A tandem experience is offered for all massage types, perfect for couples or friends traveling together. While you’re there, treat your skin to a hydration treatment that will leave it feeling fresh and smooth. Sedona’s New Day Spa offers desert nature body treatments that incorporate hand-crafted body butters, oils and lotions, made with locally crafted, indigenous and organic ingredients, giving you a true southwestern experience!

Sedona may not be by the ocean, but that doesn’t mean it is lacking its share of refreshing swimming holes! Another great way to relax and unwind after a hard climb or hike is by taking a refreshing dip in one of the swimming areas located in Sedona. For a convenient option that doesn’t require additional hiking to reach, try Grasshopper Point. Here you’ll find people sunbathing along the warm red rocks, swimming in the refreshing water, and jumping from cliffs into the water below. Slide Rock State Park is another favorite. Here, the smooth red rocks run right up to Oak Creek, where you’ll find both shallow areas good for kids and deeper sections perfect for getting fully submerged and cooled off. In some sections, the rocks close in closely around the creek, creating narrows with mini cascades and water slide chutes perfect for exploring and playing (for kids and grownups alike!) Overhangs near the bridge jut out over deeper areas, offering a tantalizing jumping spot for adventure seekers. If you don’t mind adding a few more miles to the hiking log, consider hiking in to “The Crack” at Wet Beaver Creek/Bell Crossing. You’ll have to traverse a 3.3-mile unshaded trail to reach this gem. This is well worth it for those who revel in cliff jumping, as this swimming hole boasts a natural stone “diving board” that juts out over the water, known locally as the tongue of the beaver. A rope helps you climb your way back out for a rest and repeat!

Stay a Little Longer in Sedona!

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