Scale the Cliffs and Mountains of Flagstaff

Explore the picturesque desert mountain area around Sedona, Oak Creek, and Flagstaff from a perspective unlike any other: from a cable and handholds on their rocky, rust-hued cliff sides and peaks!

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran looking for a climbing partner or you’ve never climbed before, there are a number of local rock climbing guide services available for the adventurous visitor. Read on to find out more about where you can go and what you can do with the help of a guide!

Rock Climbing Guides and Pricing

We’ve compiled a list below of a couple of different companies who provide guide services around Sedona and Flagstaff, from learning courses to guided expeditions.

Flagstaff Climbing

Between its climbing gyms, shop, courses, and guides, Flagstaff Climbing is a great pick for climbers of all skill levels. Here, you can buy the right gear, practice in the climbing gym, take a climbing course from experienced climbers, and hire a guide for yourself or up to six people for a full day or a half day. Prices are broken down below:

Full Day

• One Person: $225
• Two People: $180 per person
• Three to Six People: $135 per person

Half Day

• One Person: $160
• Two People: $125 per person
• Three to Six People: $100 per person


Climb Sedona with the veteran climbers at CenterFocus, where each guide has a minimum of ten years of experience in the sport. They also offer full day climbing routes of all types of difficulties and heights, for all comfort and skill levels, seven days per week. Groups of four or more people may qualify for a discount. Prices and additional information are as follows:

Full Day

Price includes guide payment, transportation, equipment, taxes, fees, drinks, and snacks.

• $235 per person

Reward Yourself for a Hard Climb with Rest and Relaxation

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